Team Challenge: GOTTA CATCH'EM ALL (Claiming/Submission post)

Here we are: it's time to claim your characters and start making your art!

Below you will find comments for all six types + mystery. To claim a character, reply to the corresponding type with said character's name + fandom. If you want to claim several characters or one type (which I hope you will... :p) then you need to leave a comment for each character. One character = one comment.

Characters cannot be claimed twice, so if someone else has claimed a specific character, you cannot claim that character again! Please check the list below and the most recent comments before you claim a character.

Quick links to the individual threads:
Type I: Fighters (AKA characters who know how to fight)
Type II: Redheads
Type III: Villains
Type IV: Aliens
Type V: Magic Users
Type VI: Smart Characters (AKA brain / Intellectual / Prodigy)
Mystery Type (AKA the ones that don't fit into any of the other types)

Once you've finished your art, you can edit your comment to include the art. You can only make one piece of art per character, so choose wisely.

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sgafirenity has compiled a google spreadsheet to keep better track of the claimed characters and the ones whose art is complete. Check it out here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qwU_pf_duCFeyB3cJxI6aZKqk9wwKH9Ld5K4JL_Y-AE/edit?usp=sharing

Please check out the entries from Steampunk and Renaissance and give them some love!